Popular Writing

I enjoy doing nontechnical pieces, where my writing and attention to detail can really shine. Here are some of my favorites.

photo of Kelley Point Park by K. Kendall (Creative Commons) www.flickr.com/photos/kkendall/5216128799/in/photolist-8WW2na-ooUeYT-qh5bR8-qgU68v-pk64Qw-omWiPY-6TuC93-5vNZE-qh1Pdw-qgUcRk-qh1WD3-pZwmuw-a59G14-pZCyXV-bnFnKs-rV2w6g-qgUci6-f9dwRW-qh57s8-qh52X6-qeMMAq-pM7VKC-q4vaK8-bnUz7d-8qYjue-pZCzuB-6GVhF3-pZEa2c-62Jf57-6GTTar-4ENNwG-eU7hNp-qh1Gvd-qeMYL1-bAPr4r-4ENR7C-dZ8kz3-rRLMQX-rRJJeJ-rRLPSx-f8YaRx-f9dupm-pk5Qaq-58oeKc-6GRdpX-aiTnrY-f8YcFR-8r2yiW-dJHdGM-8sYU7c

Hall Jackson Kelley: lost champion of Oregon looks at a failed pioneer, who didn’t fail at all. American Spirit magazine.

cartoon illustration of desktop biosphere project from MAKE magazine
Tabletop biosphere is a fun DIY exploration of the ecological cycles that keep us all alive. MAKE magazine.
photo of self-storage unit doors, by Mike Mozart (Creative Commons) www.flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/14990373676/in/photolist-oQDzQy-oSpATg-oAbRQb-oAbR9G-oAbriV-qwukjH-xXrooh-ejfaA7-xXqm8u-yf3rJ6-xXrbSG-yfJcWc-xXwBPX-yfHVVK-ycJdzE-yf35En-xXpLBb-yf2UKc-yf2Qm2-xXpvsd-xXwa7Z-xi923i-yf2kzV-xXwQSR-efBbEn-6hinj-r1h5Ls-csf7h1-ycJmXw-xi2mzu-yf2CJK-xXpiFN-xXvKuZ-nNDvR2-5Wt43j-5Wt7EN-5Wt6m7-5WoNBT-9iHzCD-7JKMAN-3boV6n-9ZBRf7-9ZyVWZ-9iLKtL-aCsxJf-6hwkGt-eeLfs4-5omi5G-aHzAxM-aXQFVM
Cities of the Dead visits the place that stuff goes to die — the self-storage palace. Alternet.
photo from the book KNITALONG - see book credits page for source
Knitalong is a whole book, celebrating the culture of collaborative craft.  Beautifully produced by Stewart Tabori & Chang/Harry Abrams.
photo of baking ingredients from American Spirit magazine
Slices to Dream On digs into the sickly sweet history of American wedding cakes. American Spirit.
photo of bow hunter aiming, by Kansas Tourism (Creative Commons) www.flickr.com/photos/travelks/8187487953/

Good Will Hunting looks at problematic collaborations between hunters and environmentalists. It was my first real piece of journalism, and was noted by Library Journal. From The Bear Deluxe.